Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IF "Confined" no.2

After posting the first illustration, I realized the wee guy would more likely have THIS expression!


Vhrsti said...

Yes, this is better than the first one. Great work, Elise!

cally jane studio said...

Brill style! Loads of movement :)

theartofpuro said...

I love the two as well!But the second one is probably more true!

Rui Sousa said...

Really nice work you have here!

It´s with a great pleasure that i invite you to visit my art work on my new website:


Regards and thank you!

Rui Sousa

Roberta said...

The first one is when mom first put him down... the second is when he knows she's not going to pick him up right away!! Too cute!

Tom Barrett said...

I remember those days... not of being in one, but of my kids in theirs. Once they reach a certain age, the playpen becomes like prison to them! :D

Nice line work.