Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting better at digital work...

I've been working more and more digitally, scanning in my original line work and then coloring it in Photoshop. I must say, the sheer convenience, unlimited supplies and forgiving nature of the media is the sweetest part. 
How many times have I labored over watercolor work only to have my hand cramp up (which it does now and then) and drop my brush right smack in the middle of a nearly finished illustration?! 
No choice but to start over. That type of thing is exactly what I'm talking about! 
But in photoshop, no worries! Delete the layer and try again. Lovely!!
I also love the varied and limitless brushes, textures and hues! It's remarkable!! 
(You can see what an old school I am, can't you?! Pitiful really!) 

Anyway, I'm learning so much and having such fun, but am well aware I've a long way to go before I really can pull it off.
Above is a sampling of an ink drawing I just finished, and below in color. 
Really pleased with the finished work, and the art director was too! Yipee!!!!